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The school employees highly qualified , efficient and experienced teachers, who are well conversant with modern methods and techniques of teaching . Students are regularly given home assignments which are properly checked. Parent –Teacher meetings are regularly conducted to improve the teaching.


The school library is a vast  reservoir if books which aims at the growth of the students and develops self esteem. To imbibe reading habits in students and staff members, the school library offers the following:

  1. A wide range of latest fiction, poetry, prose, philosophical book, magazines, comics, newspapers, text-books, audio and video cassettes, CDs, DVDs and other visual aids await abid learners and readers.
  2. There is a huge collection of books in the library.
  3. Separate seating arrangement for primary and senior students.
  4. Computerized issue and return of books to students and staff members.
  5. Regular book review presented by students and staff members.


Students learn and explore mathematical concepts through a variety of activities using, different materials. These activities help the students to explore, to learn and to develop interest in mathematics. It also enables the teachers to demonstrate, explain and reinforce mathematical ideas by using objects, models, charts, graphs etc. Our Mathematical Laboratory is equipped with Abacus, A model of Sextant, Time Set, Graph Rolls, Geometry Box The –dimensional Geometric figures etc.

There are many models made by the students which include:
Geoboards, Tangram, Angle sum Property of a Triangle, Pythagoras Theorem, Angle Sum Property of a Quadrilateral, Algebraic Identities, Patterns of Curves, Some Properties of Circle.
Mathematics Laboratory can be used as an effective tool to create fascination and love for Mathematics among the students.


Physics lab is equipped with all the instruments and gadgets which help the students to learn the concepts of physics in a simplified manner and thus making the subject more interesting  to learn.
The laboratory is spacious and well ventilated.
The lab is well stocked with sufficient apparatus for 25 students to work together at a time.
It is well equipped with sophisticated instruments like reflecting type telescope, spectrometer, sextant, bar pendulum etc.
Sufficient material to be used as teaching aids like charts, models etc.


The lab is equipped with all the instruments and chemicals which enable the concept building of the students in the field of Chemistry.
The Lab is very spacious and well ventilated.
Well stocked with sufficient quantity of chemicals and glass apparatus well equipped with distillation plant, Gas Plant and latest instruments like Electrical Balance, Centrifuge, Electrical water bath, magnetic stirrer Teaching aids like charts and Atomic model sets are available to meet teaching requirements.
The lab is fully equipped in order to meet any untoward happening.


The lab is well equipped with different model of the various systems of the  body.
Projection microscope is available which is used extensively by the school teachers to show historical features of plants and animal tissues along with the whole mount of various microscopic plant and animals to a group of 10-12 students at given point of time thereby saving a lot of time.

There are 115 charts on Rexene which are very valuable and effective teaching aids.
The school has 20-25 micro models and 10 dissectible micro models which give hands on experience to students in knowing each and every organ/ part of an organism.
Apart from this there is a wide collection of specimens of different species of animals and plants.


There are over 20 computers to help students to learn computers.
Computer Aided learning (CAL) packages are specially designed to make learning more interesting and this leaves an indelible impression on the students mind.
Two LCD projectors to make teaching and learning an interesting, enjoyable and effective process.
The Internet facility enables the students to draw the latest information from computer networks all over the world.
Training programmes are organized for techers to make them computer friendly.


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