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It was during the month of May, 1657 1st of Muharram ul Haram 1072 A.H. 3rd Baisakh Samvat 1714 when the foundation stone of Malerkotla Fort was laid by Nawab Bayzid Khan Bahadur Asadullah Saiful Mulk. For Laying the foundation stone of of his new capital, two divines were contacted by the Nawab. The First was Shah Fazal of the Chisti order of Sufis and the second Mahatam Sham Damodar, a follower of the Bairagi sect of sadhus.

At this occasion Shah Fazal Chisti and Mahatma Sham Damodar prayed that anyone coming herewould settle permanently and live in peace. In addition to the residential palace for the Nawab other buildings were also constructed. A strong circular wall around the city for protection of lives and property was also constructed along with watch towers and gates. Initally the area falling within this wall was named as Kotla. Since there were many towns known as Kotla. The word Maler was added to it.

Thus the Malerkotla came into being during the rule of Nawab Mohd. Bayid Khan Bahadur Asdhullah Saiful Mulk with the blessings of Shah Fazal Chisti and Mahatma Sham Damodar. The town had blessings of these two divines one representing the Islam and the other Hinduism. These blessings were further strenghtened when Guru Gobind Singh Ji, on hearing from messengers that it was Nawab Sher Mohd. Khan of Malerkotla who had strongly protested an tried his best to save his two sons from their awful fate, the hands of the Guru were raised in prayer  for the prosperity of Malekotla saying that ”His root will ever remain green”. Here the roots were meant for Malerkotla.

Therefore, the town Malekotla received blessing from poised souls of the main religions. May be the Almightly has accepted the prayers as a result of which Malekotla has always passed through various tests of communalism. It was the most peaceful piece of land during the partition of the country. In the words of Hon’ble Major Balwant Singh the then Minister of Law and Order Malekotla State.

“At the time of partition of India about one lac Muslims from the other areas of Punjab took shelter in the Malerkotla state. Not to speak of riots, even a single killing did not take place in the whole state. Hindu, Muslims and Sikh lived like brother having harmonious relation among themselves with the grace of the Almightly”.

As per the eye withness, the Hindus and Sikhs who came from Pakistan were also looked after by the citizens of Malerkotla. The sick were given Medicines, Hungry were given food and were sent to various parts of India for permanent settlement.

The torch of this peace and intergration needs to be further carried by the citizens of Malerkotla to maintain unique character of this town which is known as a symbol of peace and national intergration not only in Punjab but in whole of India and not the world. This schol project is a step forward in this direction.


Sohrab Public School Malerkotla a premier English medium co- educational institution which is situated on the Nabha Malerkotla road. Sprawling lush green locale of 6 acres of this 9 years old  school provides an environment that is conducdive to meet the intellectual pursuits and holistic development of nearly 1200 students.

We, at SPS, led by our vision of giving valued learning experiences and quality education to our students. We are deeply aware of the fact that the future of our country is being moulded, shaped and nurtured in our school.

The team of SPS strives to make the school, a place where students have the space to explore and discover who they are and can be , and a place where thay have support and security to realize their full potential. We hope that our students would eventually grow up as good human beings and responsible citizens of global society with their roots embedded in Indian culture and values.

The glorious journey of 9 years of SPS has had many important milestones. Each day, each moment, had been a learning experience. And at the end of it the school has established  itself as a school with an identity of its own. A  school  which believes in doing with firm principles, basic values and beliefs on which it was founded

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